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Retirement Story

As the days of working as an upper-level executive for a multinational chemical corporation were winding down, a stress-related health issue materialized that forced the client to seriously consider retiring sooner than anticipated. Though she and her husband had done a great job planning and saving, that irrevocable decision is always a frightening one.

After updating and stress-testing their retirement plan together, we were able to show her that she could retire with a high confidence level and, most importantly, focus on her health. That confirmation of knowing they had achieved financial independence and she could retire with conviction, was priceless! It alleviated a lot of her stress, allowing her to begin to heal and enjoy life again.

While the goals our clients share with us are as varied as Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors, the universal goal among all of them is financial independence. We use this term rather than retirement because the landscape has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. Those leaving their primary employment in their 60s have a reasonable chance of enjoying another 20 to 30 years of life. Most are not looking for an extended vacation, but rather a lifestyle that gives them purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. Financial independence gives them the security to be able to do that, regardless of the type of lifestyle chosen. We want to know what the vision is for your “next phase.” Only then can we really understand how to build a plan to help you realize that vision.