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Our Process

We strive to create a plan to which our clients can balance setting realistic goals and having the confidence to achieve them. Using our formula and simplifying the planning process, we are able to do what we say we will do. Every time.

This process is a true synthesis of multiple financial elements, but we work hard to simplify them so our clients gain the confidence to live their lives today and have the ability to retire in the future.

  • Discovery Meeting

    This is the first stage of our plan, where we get to know more about our clients and our clients get to know more about us. It is a key step that helps us create a better plan that is tailor made to fit the exact needs of our clients.

  • Wealth Diagnostic Meeting

    From the information shared in the Discovery meeting, we create and review a report that includes a balance sheet and our observations, concerns, and solutions in each important wealth planning area. We feel it’s vital to provide clarity around the value we will create for our clients

  • Mutual Commitment Meeting

    Depending on if the client wants to move forward, we will meet move forward with the recommended plan and go over the next steps in the process.

  • 45-Day Follow-Up and/or Advanced Planning Meeting(s)

    During this stage we will follow up to make sure the client is not drowning in paperwork as we know it can be difficult to keep track of everything. The finalized plan will be presented and put in place going forward.

  • Regular Progress Meetings

    These are meetings we schedule periodically just to catch up with clients and let them know the progress they are making by following the agreed upon financial plan.

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